The Importance of Digging Beyond the Headlines

Is this REALLY the #1 Recommended Pediatrician Brand

Healthy Eating Habits from an early age can help ensure a solid foundation for good health.
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Lessons in Homeschooling

5 Lessons I’ve learned After a Year of Homeschooling My Son

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When my heart and head disagree in a relationship

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Monday 6:05 am

Monday 9:35 am

Tuesday 11:05 am

Learning To Love All Of Me.

And why this time is different.

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The Light.

And his responsibility to the collective.

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The “3 R’s” are not enough — here are the skills that kids really need

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How my Christmas wish came true this holiday season.

Image by Kelsey Vere from Pixabay

I Had Homeschooling All Wrong

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“We can do this!”

“You are the worst Mommy in the world.”

Is It Possible Anymore To Disagree and Still be Friends?

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“You are a selfish, ignorant bit** who should shut the f*** up!”

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