The 5 Biggest Lessons I’ve learned from Co-parenting

How to help kids thrive despite the divorce.

A summer romance on the island of Santorini, Greece in our 20’s, an international move that saw a Greek boy in +35C, one day, and -35C, the next, two struggling students trying to make ends meet, could have provided the backdrop for an interesting romance novel or foreshadow the many struggles that lye ahead.

Here are my 5 biggest lessons in co-parenting:

1. My way is not the only way. Although I still believe it’s sometimes the right way ;). Having to let go of control and give him the space to create different rituals and ways of doing things with our son, has been difficult for me. Especially when it comes certain things, like nutrition and health. While we aim for consistency with the basic expectations in each home, the day to day can (and does) sometimes fluctuate quite a bit.

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